Sunday, August 28, 2011

School's In!

Summer's over and the boys are back in school, which means I can go back to having a regularly scheduled life. I'm hoping to get back to updating here regularly.

This is Robbie's last year of middle school and Aaron's last of elementary, so next year is going to bring some big changes. This year though, is pretty standard. About the only really new thing is that Robbie has algebra, so is bringing home lots of math homework.

Our dojo's annual tournament is upcoming next month. It's an open tournament, September 24th, at the Sports Center of Southern Indiana University in New Albany. $25 if you register by Sept. 18th, $35 at the door - contact Sensei TJ through the Kentuckiana Isshinryu Karate link in the right side bar. Last year I judged rather than competing. I'm hoping I can both compete and judge this year, but if push comes to shove, I'll probably go for judging, since I need more experience there. I'm practicing for the Lennox Legacy Challenge, just to make sure though. It's a new division, and one I love. Isshinryu only, though. Essentially, all the empty hand Isshinryu kata names are put into a hat. Each competitor pulls a kata out of the hat, and competes using it. It's a lot of fun, and it avoids the problem of having people who only practice the kata they're intending to compete with.

Another announcement should be coming up soon, but I'll save that one for when I have photographic proof to show you.