Saturday, August 02, 2014

Infusion #2

Things went much faster this time around, largely because this wasn't a set of appointments wedged into already full-up schedules less than 24 hours ahead of time. We checked in about 1:30, and Rob was called in for his first stop (blood draw) at just a smidge after 2:30, which was his actual appointment time. We got out of that, were called back for the appointment with Dr. Puzanov less than five minutes later, filled out the various forms they make Rob do every time. Spent some time with Dr. Puzanov going over the symptoms from last week, which he opines might actually have been a straight-up reaction to the MPDL drug, rather than an interaction of drug and virus. He also firmly agrees that the increase in tumor size is inflammation and a good sign. Actually much of his visit could be summarized as "Please, please, please don't panic and leave the study! It's fine, I promise!" Rob and I found this pretty funny, because we weren't even considering leaving the study as an option at this point.

After Puzanov it was time to go up to the infusion clinic. Again, things were much quicker this time, because we were part of the original schedule, rather than wedged in at at the last second. Infusion time is still an hour (plus 15 minutes either side for IV fussing), but we only had to wait an hour before they did the final blood draw and let us go this time. I was also able to run over to the hospital cafeteria and grab some food for both of us, since Rob had been fasting for the first blood draw, and I hadn't had much because it seemed cruel to be munching in front of him if he couldn't eat. The cafeteria is pretty decent as hospital cafeterias go, and actually had decent sushi in their refridgerator case (cooked sushi, I'm not that much of a daredevil!)

The whole thing finished about 7pm, and we were able to hit the road home in time to get home before midnight. The hour time change here to there is really nice in the morning when heading down, less so coming back home.

So far no side-effects once again. If last week is a repeating side effect, I guess we'll find out in nine days or so.

In other news, the kids have now had their first two days of school. Aaron is really liking his classes and teachers so far, and doesn't seem to share any classes with the kids who were pestering him last year (Yay!). Robbie has no complaints, but I've already gotten an e-mail from his math teacher about him sleeping in class. Their friend Samuel will be able to drop by tomorrow and play for the first time in over a year (he lives 2 hours away), so both of them are very excited for this weekend.