Friday, July 01, 2011

World has been survived.

The World Tournament is over for another two years. It was a wonderful time - I took five mini-seminars, three full seminars (oh my aching legs!), and competed in four divisions. I didn't place in anything (the closest was a 4th in kumite), but Ian, our brown belt and the only other competitor from our dojo, came home with a 1st in weapons. That's the trophy he's holding in the photo - pretty, isn't it?

Unfortunately, he's also holding his ribs, which is also in the photo, but less obvious. There were no other 16-17 year old brown belts at World's (which is puzzling, it's usually a large division) so they tossed him in the 18-29 ring, and the much larger 23 year old he was pitted against beat him up pretty thoroughly. First time I've had a paramedic called to the ring for a student, and I wouldn't care to repeat the experience. Ian is fine, but he'll be nursing sore ribs and a nice lump beside his right eye for a while. He's taking it in good part though, and not at all discouraged from going to the next World, which is good.

Now it's time for us to start getting ready for our own tournament. It's an open tournament, Sept. 24th, just outside of Louisville, KY. Last year's was a great time, and I hope this year goes as well or better. We'll certainly be in a better location, since Sensei has managed to secure us the IUS Athletic Center. I'm planning on competing this year and not just judging the way I did last year - we'll see how I do with trying to do both and tracking our students.