Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sorry for the delays

Posting is rare at the moment, due to some entertaining internet connection problems. To wit, S broke the first rule of engineering - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Until about a week ago my internet connection blinked out about 30 seconds or so out of every ten minutes. It rarely caused me any problems. If it interrupted a download, I would simply reload the page and continue on from there. I had never mentioned it to S, because it never bothered me. Unfortunately, he needed to use my computer for a little while last week, and noticed the "problem". Two hours later, my internet connection was no longer dropping out quite as often - it's down to one or two seconds every fifteen minutes. This would be wonderful, except that my download rate has dropped by an order of magnitude, and it now takes me about five-ten minutes to bring up a web page. Given that before it took about 10-30 seconds, and that even a couple of seconds interruption is enough to disrupt the process, I'm having significantly more trouble getting around on the internet than I was before.

I've stolen a section of S's computer and set it up for myself, but I don't have the long bookmark list to aid navigation - plus I don't like to work in the basement nearly as much as up in my office.

However, S swears that he will fix my connection this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed.

Perhaps I should have called this post How Not to Help, Part II.

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