Wednesday, June 21, 2006

That's What I Get for Making Predictions

Chuck one belt test.

S's mom went to the doctor this week, and found out she's lost another five pounds. That makes a total of thirty-five pounds since last fall (she's only 5'2" if that tall). Her doctor has diagnosed diverticulosis, put her on a strange diet involving lots of calorie dense food (for weight gain), and lots of fiber (for the diverticulosis), and is threatening her with more drastic measures if she doesn't start gaining weight. S is adamant that we're going down to see his parent's this weekend, and I wasn't about to say no, so I called Sensei, and told him I couldn't make Friday. He was really nice about it, but Lord only knows when we'll get it scheduled again. We've got a number of other students coming up and ready to test, and I don't want to delay anyone else's test to fit mine in. (We only do two or three at a time) All of the other testees are kids, and frankly, their change in rank means a hell of a lot more to them than it does to me.

All of which doesn't mean that I'm not disappointed. I've been ready for this test since forever, and I really, really want to get to work on Wansu and the other requirements for purple.



Becky said...

I am sorry about your mother. I hope things turn out well for her.

Sorry about your postponement, too. The hardest part is getting ready MENTALLY, then having to adjust that. At least, it was for me when my shodan got postponed for a month.

Becky said...

P.S. Wansu is a great kata. It and Chinto are my favorites.

John Vesia said...

Wansu is a popular kata seen in tournaments. By far, my personal favorite is Kusanku. It's graceful, powerful -- performed by the right person, beautiful to watch. Most Isshinryu katas are taught at the black belt level in other styles (including Seisan).

PerpetualBeginner said...

I love Kusanku - possibly because it's the one kata I've never done completely. The last six months at my first dojo I was pregnant, so I learned all the other empty hand katas. Kusanku, I learned the positions, but for obvious reasons I couldn't do parts of it. By the time I had the baby and was back up to snuff, we'd long since moved, and I'd forgotten too much to reconstruct the kata.