Monday, March 26, 2007

K goes Purple

Congratulations to K, who passed her purple belt (san-kyu) test this last Friday.

She did great, though she was so nervous I was wondering if we had any Valium around, which surprises me. I've seen K do her prior tests and while she's usually nervous, this is the first time I was really worried it was going to screw her up. It did once - on her first kata (Seisan), she forgot a turn and ended up facing the wrong way 'round. She's known that kata for about three years now, and I've never seen her make a major mistake in it before. After that she managed to settle down and concentrate better though - which is good, because you're only allowed one major mistake in kata. Sensei scolded her for stopping and restarting the kata because that automatically counts as a major mistake. If she had continued all the way through, then it would be up to his discretion as to whether to count the missed turn as major or minor.

Her test did serve to make me pretty confidant for mine on Friday, though. He didn't ask her for anything I'm not sure of, and I'm a lot more experienced in bo (her weakest point) than she is, being specifically interested in weapons. Unless I have a serious performance screw-up, I shouldn't have a problem.

My specific weak points are all things Sensei will start ragging on me for after the test, rather than before. I'm too slow. I don't put enough power behind my strikes, specifically in kata. I overthink in kumite. And something he only started commenting on in the last month, I don't use my hands for attack in kumite - which I'm finding amusing. A year ago, I was being scolded for being primarily a boxer, and not using my feet, so I started concentrating on my kicks. Apparently I've been successful to the point where my hands are now seriously lagging. Plus I tend to underestimate my reach with tsuki waza (hand/punching techniques). I know how far my kicks reach, but I seem to think my arms are about six inches shorter than they actually are.

So - lots of stuff to work on for brown, but I'm ready for purple - as long as I don't get so nervous I screw up.


Becky said...

Good Luck on your test. Let me know how things go.

Silverstar said...

Best of luck on your future test. I'm sure your kumite will be perfect by then. :)