Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why Brown Belts Are Such Good Fighters

I've been to three classes since my test - and I think I've collected more bruises in this past 10 days than in the entire previous year. People's thought processes seem to run like this - She's a brown belt. Brown belts are tough fighters. I'd really better kick up my game and attack hard! If this keeps up, I'm going to be a ferocious fighter in short order, just trying to keep my head on my shoulders!

On the good side, all the bruises are on shin and forearm - so despite the extra oomph, people aren't getting through to target zones. I begin to understand why James (my cousin, black belt in a different discipline and pretty darned impressive), spends so much of his spare time thumping his shins and forearms with a kali stick. A little extra toughness there would be very helpful, if only to keep the bruising less visible. The last time I was getting this bruised regularly (way back before kids), a client slipped me a business card with the local DV Hotline number written on the back. At least this time I can say, honestly, that the bruises don't come from Rob. Back then he was taking Isshinryu with me, so some of the bruises were from him.

Other news: My FIL spent several hours in the ER yesterday with a blood-sugar crash. So Rob is going down tomorrow to stay with him until he can put him on the plane to Doug's (Rob's little brother), where he will stay about three weeks. This was to be the first weekend in about three months where Rob could simply stay home and relax, but such was not to be. I really, really wish there was some way I could do some of this for him, but to go down myself, I'd need to bring the children, which would make the whole thing too much for Dad Wood. Going down myself instead of Rob, which we considered (very) briefly, wouldn't go over well either. With any luck, though, once we get down to Mississippi we can just relax and have a good holiday. Plus, we should get to see Becky - yay!


somaserious said...

You know, it's been said that brown belts are the backbone of the dojo. They've reached this rank so far with years of training and hard work and are on the cusp of graduating to the dan levels. They focus, they teach, they show respect, they lead by example. I loved being a brown belt, and maybe that's why I was one for so long. Now that I'm a black belt the kenpai view me in a different light. Not in a bad way, just a little more respect for what I have accomplished. More is also required of you once you become a black belt (and the hits are a little harder....). Brown belt are where it's at!


John Vesia said...

Isshinryu's Ed McGrath (now a 10th dan) once said the only thing he wanted was a brown belt when he first started training. He felt brown belts were the most motivated ones out of everyone because they were so close that coveted black belt.

Miss Chris said...

Ouch! I remember all those forearm and shin bruises. I don't miss those at all. lol