Monday, March 03, 2008

Writing Accountability

A new regular feature, sure to bore most, but possibly helpful for keeping me accountable for writing progress. Having carved out a period of time for writing (which required telling some people emphatically, and not telling others at all, plus turning off the phone), I'll be posting the rough outline of writing progress for the day. Credit for the notion goes to Elizabeth Bear, who posts such things regularly, and in far more interesting fashion than I'm likely to.

Ghost Dancer:
Stage: Second edit
Current word count: 98,229
Words edited: 6930
Scenes: 52
Scenes edited: 4
Darling du jour: (dialogue) Never say one word when none will leave them more confused.
Words spell check doesn't know: pinged, quarantined, obsessing, navigated, sips, spooked
Words I'm surprised spell check does know: none
Major edit type: comma excision - the queen of commas knows no master, but she can attempt to restrain herself.

Note to self: Spend some time training the spell check. This is not MSWord, but WriteWay, and apparently their spellcheck dictionary leaves something to be desired, as shown by the above list. If it doesn't know quarantined and navigated, I can't wait until we hit black hole physics later in the book.

I should have a second writing session later tonight with any luck at all.

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Bill said...

> A new regular feature, sure to bore most, ...
Go for it. I know it interests me, and those it bores can skip it. :-)