Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beating on Cindy


Sensei has declared that he wants all of us to bring home medals at this fall's Lennox Legacy tournament. (A pretty reasonable goal, since all but a couple of us brought home medals last year.) To this end we have started kumite training at every class - to wit we go on the barrel sequentially every class. On the barrel, in this context, means that you fight the class one person at a time, non-stop. Right now, the first couple of times, he's being nice about it and bowing each person in and out, but eventually he will just holler and the old challenger will run off and the new person run in, so that the person on the barrel will fight continuously.

We've done barrels before, but not every person, every class. Also last time I wasn't a brown belt. It makes a definite difference in how hard people are gunning for me. This morning felt very reminiscent of my days back in Mr. Gabbard's dojo - bruises and/or sore muscles everywhere.

I wasn't thrilled with my performance, but it will do for a start. I pressed Sensei hard enough to get clocked in the jaw (unless he's genuinely fighting to stay in the match, his control is precise). I got knocked on my butt by M, but did a fairly smooth roll-out back to my feet. M is interesting to fight. She's a brown belt, but has been out for a long time. She's one of those people whose style is not at all pretty, but who fights really well. If I'm watching her fight, I can point out a dozen places where her technique needs improvement, but if I'm in the fight I'm too busy getting out of the way! Our blue belt contingent (2 boys and their mom) has improved mightily since last year, and the older boy is starting to hit his major growth. He's nearly my height now, and will be both taller and stronger within the next year, or I'm no judge. Mom is getting over her fear of hitting and being hit. Our purple belts are doing pretty well too. J has always been dangerous (I have footprints on my ribcage), while I needs to learn to be more aggressive, but has good technique.

No work on Kusanku, which is a shame. I'd really like to get it signed off on so I can start with Sunsu or Tokumine no Kun. Ah well.

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