Saturday, July 26, 2008


Okay. We're supposed to be leaving tomorrow. We hope. Given how today is going, I am somewhat less confident of this than I was this morning.

It's currently 11 at night, and Rob just left to go trade in our current rental car for another. This will be our fourth (4th!) rental car of the day.

First off, if you value your sanity, I would give Thrifty a pass. The last time I rented from them, the service stank, but they did rent me the car I asked for at the price quoted, so I went there again since their quote was again lowest. Big mistake. It was like buying a cow and being told the legs are extra, as are the udder, horns, spots and moo.

Follow this up with a second rental car (specifically requested to have cruise control), which got a flat tire 500 yards from home. Which they chose to exchange for a third rental car - which after we had gotten it packed, turned out to not have cruise control. So we had to unpack it, and then when Rob gets back, repack into the new car (which by this point may very well be car #2 again with a fixed tire).

This is beginning to feel like Groundhog Day.

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Martial Arts Mom said...

What a nightmare...hope your actual trip is much better!