Sunday, September 06, 2009

Four Lies and One Martial Arts Fact

Blame Martial Arts Mom for this one. One of the following is true. I will not be telling you which one.

1. My first sensei was Steven Seagal's bodyguard.

2. I once roomed with Michelle Yeoh at a national tournament - and I had no idea who she was until after I was back home.

3. My father once treated Chuck Norris after a drinking binge (when they were both in the Air Force).

4. I and my friend Chia were back-up singers for Jackie Chan on his album "Shangrila".

5. One episode of "Spencer for Hire" had several scenes located in my dorm room.

I'm not going to tag people, partially because I generally don't like to, and partially because virtually everybody I know in the martial arts blogs has already been tagged - but if you want to try this one, consider yourself tagged!


Becky said...

Those are great answers! I haven't done mine yet. I've been a bit distracted this week, but I'll get to it soon.

Martial Arts Mom said...

Hey, even if you're blaming me, it gets my "name" out there. LOL! I think the one about rooming with Michelle Y. was the true one. But I know you won't tell me anyway : )