Friday, April 29, 2011

Meet the new car, rather different from the old car.

Meet the new car! Rob called me Wednesday and announced that he was in love. Since his new love has four wheels, I think I can live with it.

For the curious who aren't sufficiently car buffs to ID this on sight, this is a 1989 Porsche 944. The body is in prime condition, with not a speck of rust on it. It runs, and is in generally excellent shape, with one major caveat - it's also in many, many pieces. The seats, hatchback, inside door panels, instruments, and almost everything else but the engine currently reside not in the car, but in the back of our pick-up. Rob estimates six months or more to get her back together and on the road.

Fortunately, since Rob loves working on cars and is quite good at it, this was more of an incentive than not. Especially since the whole "the car is in pieces" thing brought the price down a lot. Lots and lots. Which has the added benefit that if, after he gets her together, he decides he really didn't want a Porsche after all, he should be able to sell it for at least 4x what he paid for it.

I'm not a car buff myself, but it's fun to watch him light up over this car. Plus it's rather cool to say we have a Porsche in our garage.


Carolyn said...

This looks like an interesting project...!
Thanks for your comment! I think you should do a vlog since you have such an interesting mix of accents. Although I have to confess to ignorance of the intricacies of regional US accents, I can recognise that distinctive southern accent, and occasionally the New England accent, and everybody else just sounds "American" to my ears!

Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu said...

classic car! This will be a beauty when you are finished!