Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Knitting a sweater - again

I was digging through moving boxes looking for my karate gear (which I found) the other day, and I ran across some perfectly beautiful yarn that I had forgotten I had. It matched gauge with a very nice sweater that happened to be in the newest issue of Cast On - which is miraculous, as I only liked three things out of twenty-two. Something clicked, and Ah-ha! I am knitting a sweater for the holidays.

The yarn is a lovely soft black with a silver metallic thread running through, dressy enough without being flashy. The sweater is a wrap style, which should be pretty flattering on me. We'll see though, since I so far have a 0 for 3 record in knitting myself sweaters. My first one went to my roommate, my second to my mother, and my third to my neice. All were perfectly nice sweaters, but either didn't fit, or didn't flatter. So I try again.

I must be nuts to do this right now, though. I have a tournament in two days, and I'm 10k words behind on NaNo. Oh well, at least my fingers have something to do while I'm staring helplessly at the screen waiting for my muse to show some signs of life.

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