Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stunning Speech

I commend to your attention the MLK day speech given by Al Gore. It is quite literally stunning.

All I can say is that I hope we come to our collective senses before we become the nightmare example people use to scare their children with in the next generation. To all the people who don't understand what happened in Nazi Germany, or in fascist Italy, take a good look around. It doesn't start with people yelling for genocide in the streets. It starts with what seems like a reasonable and logical assumption of power.

Do we really think that our lives are harder, and in more danger than our ancestors were in the Revolutionary War, or in the Civil War, or during the Cold War? It's an insult to our ancestors and what they faced. Yet they not only maintained, but in the Revolutionary War, set in place, the very safeguards we are currently allowing the executive branch to dismantle.

What use is it to win the War on Terror, if we do it by becoming terrorists?

I am very afraid for all of us.

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