Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy Un-Birthday to Me

Tomorrow is not my birthday!

You have no idea how excited this idea makes me - I was not born on April 1st. I nearly was, I could easily have been. In fact, when I was little enough to be confused on the subject, my brothers used to try to convince me of it in their annual April Fool's joke.

But thank God and little green fishes, I held out for two more days, and my birthday is safely on the third.

My nephew cut it even closer - his birthday is on the second. I was rather hoping he'd join me in safety two days away, but he missed by about an hour. I fully expect that by the time he's grown he'll be fully as relieved as I am about his birthday. It's a great birthday, spring is arriving, or fully arrived, depending on where you live, flowers are popping up, it's just getting nice enough to go out without your coat, or even without your shoes. It's tax season, and that's a bit of a downer, but if you're prompt with your taxes you have a refund to play with.

S says he's getting me a pair of sais for my birthday, so I'm happy. Now if I can only keep sensei from finding out why I have them. Birthdays mean being put on the barrel (continuous fighting), cycling through the class until you score as many points as you are old. Great for the seven-year-olds, not so exciting for the thirty-seven-year-olds. Though sensei doesn't put nearly as much effort into finding out when the adults birthdays are, possibly because he doesn't want to kill us. If I don't tell, maybe he won't ask? I can hope.

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