Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hedgehog Ho!

Well - by next week we may have a second pet. Or not. S is being maddeningly changeable about the whole thing.

You see, there's this baby hedgehog. She and her sister were the unexpected addition when a friend from my knitting group rescued an overage female hedgie from a pet shop (too old to sell). She's now old enough to go home with someone, and A doesn't want two more hedgies. So, knowing that S adores hedgies (at least in theory), she asked us.

S wants to go see her, he's been reading up on hedgies ever since A offered, he really is wild about hedgies, has been for years - but he won't say yeah or nay about actually having one.

Sigh. I wouldn't mind a hedgie. I also wouldn't mind not having one. But I'd really like to KNOW before we end up coming home with an adorable bundle of prickles and I have no cage, no food, no wheel, no anything because I have no way of knowing ahead of time, and we can't afford to blow the money if there's no hedgie in the offing.

I have discovered that a Sterlite container with holes will do as a cage, so a least we may not be completely bereft of necessary items.

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