Sunday, September 24, 2006

Back to the Basement

Flooding. Again.

Last time the basement flooded, S was in it at the time, so he was right on the case - and we still almost lost the carpet to mildew. This time it's a complete loss. The basement was ankle deep before we even knew the sump pump had failed (a piece of elastic had gotten wound up in the mechanism). Actually, it's entirely possible we would have flooded even had the sump been working properly. At the height of rainfall today we had two heavy duty pumps going - 4,000 gallons an hour going out - and we were just barely keeping up with the influx.

I had a weapons seminar that I was supposed to go to at 1pm today. I had to call them to say I couldn't come. Life sucked.

But about an hour later, the rain slackened, the pumps started actually making headway, and my beloved husband gave me a hug and told me to call and see if they would let me join in late. So I did, and they did!

So I took a 2-hour (instead of three hour) seminar from Weapons Connection. Mostly we learned basics for a short staff (I'm blanking on the proper term). It's about a third the length of a bo. I learned all twelve, but my head is feeling dreadfully stuffed, and I don't know how much I'm going to retain by the time I get to physically try them out again Tuesday. Fortunately Sensei Gauntner video-taped her two students running through the drill, so we should have some back-ups for our over-strained memories. We also got to see the basics for sai (I've learned the first three of 12 already), tonfa, and nunchuka, plus kata for all of those, and a couple of other weapons I've only heard of, never seen. The gusan (a jo length stick, but with slightly flared ends), tettsu (a small, sharp, three pointed thing, meant to add spikes to your hand techniques, this kata was particularly viscious), and tekko (think brass knuckles designed to look like a stirrup). It was very cool.

Then it was back to the basement. As of tonight our carpet is sitting in sodden rolls on the curb, where the garbage men will get it Friday. There are some smaller sections that S left for me to handle over the next few days (they require extensive, but relatively light, moving of items). If our fastidious lawn-obsessed neighbor objects to our new landscaping, he can bloody well haul the carpeting off himself. We're bushed.


Becky said...

Maybe the short staff was the escrima. Linde is a black belt (I think san dan) in ACE, or Advincula Combat Escrima, a style developed by Sensei Advincula.

Since I've switched to the new Blogger-beta, there have been some issues with it not letting those who haven't switched comment, and vice versa. The way to work around it is to comment as "Other" or "Anonymous" and just fill in your name and website.

Miss Chris said...

We call the short staff the arnis. One of my favorite weapons. By the way, thanks for the comments on my blog. :)

PerpetualBeginner said...

It may have been an arnis, Miss Chris - I'm not completely sure. It was a little to short to be an escrima staff, plus I would have remembered that name, since I'm already familiar with it.

I had fun poking around your blog, Miss Chris. Since I have an interest in both martial arts and MS, I was drawn in straight off.

Anonymous said...

I'd always heard that arnis and escrima are just two different names for the same weapon. I didn't know there was a difference.