Sunday, September 24, 2006

Congratulations! It's a novel!

Well - at least it's a second draft of a novel in formatted e-book form with a cover. Close enough for the nonce.

Ghost Dancer, the e-book exists! It's alive!

Now I'm working on the synopsis and the query letter. I want to start sending it out to agents - real live agents *shiver*. The first draft of the query letter was horrible, but I have hopes for the rewrite. Surely if I can chug out a 200+ page novel, I can manage a measley 1 page query letter, can't I?

I'm also still working away on Ghost Dancer itself, but I'll probably keep doing that until the day it appears on a bookshelf.

So - my writing goals from now until Nov. 1 (NaNo!) are:

1. Write good query letter.
2. Polish the first chapter until it gleams.
3. Write the synopsis.
4. Start sending out query packages to appropriate agents. (1-5 are between now and Oct. 1)
5. Finish first draft of The Flayed Queen.
6. Brainstorm plot points for this years untitled NaNo novel.
7. Come up with a working title for this years untitled NaNo novel.

If anyone would like a look at Ghost Dancer, contact me and I can e-mail it to you. Far future science fiction - Sapient space ship, her navigator - a girl who desperately wants a normal life, but the universe really is out to get her, and a plot to take over the Human Polity which overtakes them both.

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