Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tanks a Lot

I mentioned before that Rob had gotten himself a new 75-gallon tank. Now that we have three good-sized tanks (plus three bettas in bowls), I thought I'd show you some of the denizens.

First we have Aaron's tank. Aaron likes peaceful community fish, though he doesn't always get them - his Dad's preference for more active fish means that some of his verge into semi-aggressive, and very small fish (like young neon tetras) have been known to simply vanish, even though we don't have fish fights. Aaron's tank is currently suffering an outbreak of fin-rot, which has absolutely trashed his poor swordtail, as well as killing off his peacock eel (pictured above) We're treating and doing heavy water changes hoping to save the swordtail, and keep it from spreading further. With any luck the eel will be the only casualty.

Rob's and my tanks have quite different characters. I'm having some trouble getting more than one picture to come up per post, though, so I'll discuss those tanks, and show some pictures of those in a later post.

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Miss Chris said...

Cool pic!