Monday, January 15, 2007

We Have an Endocrinologist

First off - since I said I'd start adding images to my posts, meet Dad:

And we may have a surgeon - though that remains to be seen.

The endocrinologist is Dr. Fred Williams. His office is fairly close - about ten minutes down the highway in downtown Louisville, and he comes well recommended by my OB. I have an appointment in a week on Monday. Day after tomorrow I get to fax permission to the doctors in Mississippi to send my records up here, which feels kind of weird when one of them is my Dad. I can see why having your relatives be your attending physician is so frowned upon. Other issues entirely aside, the legal stuff is weird. With Dad as my referring physician on the MRI (the only way we could work out the registration issues, even though the neuro-opthamologist requested it), suddenly he legally wasn't allowed to discuss my medical stuff with anybody outside the hospital staff without my written permission - this included my mother, brothers, children, etc., etc.. Very strange.

The possible surgeon is in Boston at Mass General. I haven't contacted them at all yet (I'll do that this week, just to get information), but they have a Neuroendocrinology Clinic with three on-staff neurosurgeons, two of whom list pituitary surgery as a specialty, and one of whom has several published articles on acromegaly. As a big bonus I have great infrastructure in the Boston area. Virtually every friend I have kept in contact with from college lives near there. A in W. Newton (about 15 minutes out), L. in Worcester (1 hour), and B&B both live within the half-day range. Plus A has friends and family in scads, who know me and are kindly inclined towards me. The boys could easily stay with her (Actually, I think she'll be hurt if they don't), so they'll be close, but not directly involved with all the scary medical stuff. Plus she has the room so that other than a night before, Rob & I wouldn't have to stay at a hotel.

Frankly, if I end up having somebody poking in my brain, it's really nice to find someplace to go where I'm not going to have to worry about the logistics and support. Where somebody I trust completely is going to have charge of my kids, without having to have them halfway across the country, or leaving them behind while I go away. This way Daddy can be right there, but can still be with me as much as I'm likely to need him to be.

I suspect Mom and/or Dad are likely to come up as well, but again, this way they can be with the boys, or with me as they need to, rather than being tied to watching to nervous little boys.


Ken D. Webber said...

I have some info on the dis-ease as I call it. You may have heard from polarchip that I'm not going the surgery route. I believe I have another option for treatment. What do you know about real Chi, not the phony stuff you see advertised in the back of the martial arts mags?

PerpetualBeginner said...

Good to hear from you, Ken. I've been reading through your site, and I had noticed that you were trying alternate treatments.

On Chi - I know more than the average American, but far less than there is to know. My first sensei was a noted pressure-point fighter, which pretty much requires some intensive knowledge of Chi and its workings. However, classes with him felt like I was bringing a sippy cup to drink the ocean - there was just so much to learn. Plus, most of it was on the destructive, rather than regenerative end. In short, I know something of chakra theory, and something of the accupuncture meridians (which contain most of the pressure points used in fighting), and some limited healing use of a few points - such as pain control through the point on the thumb webbing. That's about it.