Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy Week

It's a good thing I love my husband, or I might be tempted to hit him with something. Most of this week I'm spending scrubbing the house, since, for the second time in three months, Rob has gone and rearranged a good chunk of the furniture less than a week before guests. In this case, about a dozen people are coming over Friday to celebrate his 40th birthday. So not only do the downstairs and basement (game and fish room) need to be clean, but, since he's offered the guest room to anybody who has too much to drink (entirely possible, he's having a Scotch tasting), I need to scrub up the guest room as well. Guess which room ended up knee-deep in crap during the furniture rearrangement?

We're also spending time drilling Aaron on his Korean, since he has his first ever belt test (yellow-tip) on Saturday. He's excited about it, especially since he broke his first board last week with a flying side-kick. I was impressed. He did a better flying side-kick than I can do - most likely because it's not part of Isshinryu, so I think I've done all of three fsk's in my life. I'm a little concerned that his tiny, whispery "oh my God, people are listening to me!" voice might not go over well with the TKD master, who isn't exactly the world's most tactful with kids. However, I've never seen Master B actually fail a kid who knew his stuff, and Aaron definitely does, so I expect he'll be okay.

So, I've got five rooms to clean, Aaron to drill, a cake to get ingredients for and bake, kids' hair to get cut, oh, and A started statistics, so I have a first assignment from her to read onto tape. Doable, but I need to keep cracking at it. I'm sure it will be a good week once I'm looking at it from the other side.

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