Saturday, January 12, 2008

Well, That was Unexepected

Our dojo has been evicted. No word on exactly why, although as I sure you can imagine, the rumors are flying fast and thick. The current most popular explanations are non-payment, or that the management company hadn't been told we were moving and found out on their own. I have no idea if either of these is correct.

In the meanwhile, everything must go! Sensei started pulling up the matting last night, and we went through the communal pile of sparring gear to retrieve the stuff that specifically belongs to him. He had brought two full net bags of gear when we came here. Upon sorting, both bags were only slightly over half full. That's a lot of gear to have vanish. I think he's pretty annoyed about it.

The new dojo building won't be finished for six weeks (if then, they're still putting up the frame). So in the meanwhile we're going to a new space that the dojo owner has managed to line up on a temporary basis. It messes with the scheduling (classes are now only T & Th), but it's workable. Actually it saves us one big scheduling foul-up that we were headed for, wherein the Little Dragons had Aaron's first promotion test scheduled for Feb. 1 - non-negotiable, since the TKD tests are mass tests. Make the Feb. 1 test, or wait at least a month for the next one.

Feb. 1 is Rob's 40th birthday. Not so good for the scheduling thing. However, now that everything is T & Th, I suspect the test will be moved up one day and all will be happy.

Fighting went well last night (at least for Aaron). I talked with Mr. D, the kids' instructor about him, and he was fine with having him only spar the adults. Since Aaron was willing to try other adults (though not enthusiastic), he even had him spar M exclusively last night. (When the kids try to say "I won't!!", Mr. D tends to force the issue, but willing though unenthusiastic, he'll work with.) Watching some of the other kids go at each other made me feel just as happy Aaron isn't doing that. There was a lot of wild hitting - kicking knees, punching faces, etc., and it was luck and kid rubber-bones that nobody got hurt. Among other things, any boy had better well have a cup! I don't think any of the girls left a crotch unkicked.

Random other news: report cards are in. All A's for Aaron (again). Robbie slid slightly with a B in Language and an N in handwriting. The handwriting is just attention - he tends to write as quickly as possible while not looking at the paper, with predictable results. The B in language is from one bad test - the unenthused about the writing topic thing again. Still in all, we're pretty pleased. Especially since his teacher included an additional complimentary note about the depth of Robbie's understanding in science.

Karate, karate and more karate - I'll do a book post next time. Promise.


wineymomma said...

Hey beginner-

I was going to the knitting store today. Wanted to get some yarn to do socks for pmomma and her girls. did you get any measurements for her before she got so down?

Also-I know she said cotton for the glove but I was wondering about alpaca for the socks. And being uneducated about her illness-should I be concerned about dyes?


wineymomm said...

sorry to continue off subject but I entered my url wrong! too much knitting yesterday!