Thursday, May 08, 2008

Body Talk

The Turbokick class at the Y has developed a small group of women who all hang together at the back left. It's my preferred spot, but I've never really made friends with anybody in the class until now. (Yoga and Core, being quieter classes, have more comraderie) However, about a month ago, a group of newbies clustered back by me, and when I took some time to walk them through the more complicated moves (Turbokick moves fast), they sort of adopted me in. They're a nice group of ladies.

Anyway, today after class we hung out for a little while in the sauna (which turned out to be a mistake, but more on that later), and after two of the group had left, the last two women started talking bodies. The smaller (a tiny woman) started complaining that she had gained some weight while the taller was reassuring her that she was still skinny. She then appealed to me for backup - we will note that both of these women are far thinner than I am (or would be even if I became anorexic), and when I said so, then both of them started telling me all the things that they envied about my body. Which is when I realized that among the three of us, none of us could see anything good about our own bodies, but had no trouble at all seeing the good points of the others. The tall drink of water feels like a rake, the little, petite one, hates her curvy hips and butt. I, of course, am not fond of my top-heavy figure. It was a rather new experience for me to have anyone envying any parts of my body, but these women who have lovely figures (that they can't see) do. It felt very strange.

In other news, I finally got tired of having my back hurt every night, which it has ever since December when I took a kick in the low ribs, so I wandered off to a chiropractor. The news is all good. Apparently I've got some residual (and now habitual) irritation and spasming around the site (I probably had a mild sprain). So a week or so of icing and some other therapy, and not staying long in the positions that irritate it (like sitting at the computer), and it should be good to go. However, I'm to avoid heat (even long, hot showers). Of course I found this out about 90 minutes after the stint in the sauna - oops!

School is winding down for the year - about three weeks left to go. I will try to do a little better about keeping things updated here. Ernie, I haven't forgotten your meme - I'll get to it, I promise!

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