Sunday, May 18, 2008

Child Takeover

Robbie and Aaron have discovered our computers big-time in the last few days. Mind you, they were both pretty computer literate before - but they also had a limited number of things they wanted to do on the computer. Generally the TV and video games (or even sometimes books) looked more exciting than the computers most of the time.

That has changed. Aaron has discovered his first dungeon-crawl game, Dungeon Seige II. (For the unenlightened, a dungeon-crawl is a role-playing game of greater or lesser complexity, wherein the basic form is find a dungeon, wander around the dungeon killing monsters until the monsters are all killed, find new dungeon, repeat.) He is now spending every allowed waking minute on Rob's computer playing his character - Mommy is fairly pleased that his chosen character is a female mage and dryad, both because so many boys won't have anything to do with female roles, and because it's a nice change from a Paladin (what he's wanted to play in boardgame versions), where the stick-up-the-rear is a character attribute. Seriously, try playing a thief in a game where your co-gamer walks into every town and immediately seeks out the local gendarmes and announces your character status. It's enough to drive a poor thief to drink.

Robbie, on the other hand, has discovered YouTube and related sites, and more importantly, that many of these sites keep video archives of various shows that he loves, but that Cartoon Network doesn't show enough, or any more, or shows too late, etc. etc.. Right now he's working his way through Zatch Bell on my computer, probably to be followed by One Piece. I'm thinking I'm going to put my foot down if he tries for Bobobo-Bo-Bo-Bobo (yes, that's actually the name of the show). It's simply too silly.

If they don't ease up on the enamourment soon, we're going to have to institute strict hours because right now we're barely getting e-mail checking time in on our own computers.

In other news, Rob starts his new position officially on June 1. Except for shutdown in early July, which is still all his. I don't expect to see him, other than nose-down on the bed for about two weeks.

Monday starts the last week of school, and then we're off to the northeast! Boston-Ho!

Oh - and we (the Isshin-ryu people) split off from the larger dojo this last week. More on that later.

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Bill said...

I don't know - my experience has been that "enamourment" doesn't let up. The only solution is either the strict hours, or to get them their own (re: our previous discussion).