Sunday, August 17, 2008


For the interested, here are samples of various songs that were part of the Wellesley College Choir repertoire while I was in it. Unfortunately I can't find any tracks of the current choir, but imagine these done by an 80-120 woman choir that can split into up to 9 parts at need. We also sang with men's choirs on occassion - usually a rude shock for the poor men as they discovered what they had signed up for. The Worcester Glee Club (WPI Men's Chorus) sang with the Choir regularly up until the first time they sang with Constance directing, whereupon they took to singing with the Regis College Choir. Fortunately I had already met my husband Rob by then, since we met at one of those joint concerts.

Cantique de Jean Racine - Gabriel Faure

Lift Thine Eyes - Mendelssohn

The Snow - Elgar

Ceremony of Carols (video is Balulalow)- Benjamin Britten - When we did this I had the solo part for Balulalow, and this particular piece from within the Ceremony of Carols was sung by the Chamber Singers, even though the whole choir did most of the pieces.

Es ist ein Ros entsprugen - Brahms

God Bless the Master of this House -

Requiem - Mozart (Lacrymosa and Domine Jesu in video)

Unfortunately, the more contemporary pieces are a lot harder to find on-line, so most of these are classical. Some of this is due to more people preferring to post pop and classical, some due to things like common names (You try finding the modern piece "Love" when you can't remember the composer!), and some due to my imperfect memory. Some of the pieces I remember but couldn't find on-line are:
Gesang aus Ossians Fingal - Johannes Brahms
The Virgin Martyrs - Samuel Barber
Litinies a la Vierge Noir - Poulenc

All three of those are gorgeous, and if you get the chance to hear them, you should. Particualarly #4 of Gesang aus Ossians Fingal, which is possibly the single most beautiful piece of music I've ever heard.

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