Sunday, August 31, 2008

Push-up Postponement

Like Becky and several others, I was planning on following the 100 Pushups plan and seeing if I could boost my pushup performance from its current barely acceptable level. I had done the pretest and the first week twice (I'm going slowly due to the easily aggravated nature of my left elbow.).

This morning however, I got down to do my pushups for the day, and the heel of my hand landed on a largish glass sliver. I then reflexively jerked the hand sideways (with my weight still on it), and successfully drove the sliver way down in. It took Rob most of an hour with an Exacto knife and tweezers to get that sucker out. I now have an inch-and-a-half long cut, shallow on one end, quite deep on the other, exactly where I put my weight when doing pushups.

So I think I'll be dropping out for a week or so and then restarting. Right now the very idea of pushups is making me feel a little queasy. Yoga on Tuesday is going to take some modification too, I suspect. Primarily I'm crossing my fingers that extensive washing and liberal applications of Bacitracin are sufficient to keep it from getting infected.


Becky said...

OUCH!!! Take time to heal, then join us when you can. Chances are, I won't be that far ahead of you anyway.

Perky Nihilist said...

OWIE! That sounds awfully painful. Postponing is probably for the best.

I plan on starting the 100 push-ups training as soon as my back recovers from our trip; hopefully by mid-month.

I'll be keeping a close eye on your progress and following along behind.

Perpetual Beginner said...

Thanks guys. It's feeling a good deal better today already. The background throbbing has faded off, which is good.

I didn't know you were interested in the 100 pushups Nicole! It'll be good to have more people following along. Unless my hand gets infected, I should be ready to restart somewhere in the next two weeks.

pawpads said...

Ooh, doesn't sound good. I know nothing about the 100 Push~ ups so I'm off to look it up now.

Perky Nihilist said...

That time frame is perfect for me too. My back should be better by then.

Glad the throbbing has faded off. You poor thing- OUCH!

Michele said...

Hope your elbow feels better!

I need to do week 2 over again. I am getting better slowly but my shoulders have started popping.

Michele said...

Glass! What I meant to write was that I hope your hand feels better.

Perky Nihilist said...

Hey Cindy:

I nominated you for a blog award today! Check it out: