Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Updating

Today is the day my fil arrives with his basset in tow. Or actually in Rob's car, since there's no place to put Toby in the truck where he can't get in the driver's way if he gets nervous - and Toby is always nervous. You wouldn't think a basset, the world's most laid-back dog, could be a Nervous Nellie, but Toby has conniptions anytime things are the least little bit out of place. Lord only knows what he's going to think of living in our house. Eventually all three dogs will come up, but since DadW has to go back down for a doctor's appointment in a couple of weeks anyway, we thought we'd give Toby some extra time to adjust.

I'm about halfway through Kusanku Sai now. Now I have to work myself out of an unfortunate habit I've picked up with the new sais. For some reason I'm pushing my left index finger forward into the tines when I'm holding them by the hilt. I don't do it on the right, just the left. I think it's a stabilizing shift, because I have some trouble controlling the tip of my left sai. Sanchin is also about halfway through, but I'd better get a lot more material this week if I'm to stay on track.

My left knee is officially recovered from the sprain/strain thing this summer. Tuesday was thirty minutes of working on Kusanku Sai, followed by being the demonstration dummy as Sensei D illustrated how to trap and torque a kick. My right knee was annoyed at me for a couple of days, but my left knee was fine. Though why it didn't occur to me until after class was over that perhaps I should have bowed out of demonstrating the torques, I don't know. I'm usually Sensei D's choice of demo dummy, because I have the only reliable roll-out in the class other than him and Sensei, but using me for knee-straining stuff is probably not the best choice.

ChoreWars is coming along swimmingly. I added my friend L and her son to our group, which has given a shot of motivation to all concerned. We did have to explain to her son, though, that picking up books wasn't something you could get credit for six times a day. He picked up all the books in his room, and then every hour or so was wandering back in, looking around, and giving himself credit for having picked up all the books in the room, since there weren't any. If he'd done it once, he might have gotten away with it, but we got suspicious around the fourth reiteration. I've added some of the FlyLady stuff to the list as well, and our adventures are getting nicely personalized.

Off now to finish spiffing up the guest room for DadW's arrival.


Perky Nihilist said...

Chore Wars is going awesome at our house too. Thanks so much for blogging about it. I have added in a few real life treasures in the mix and whenever one of the boys wins one the house is spotless for days afterwards as everyone tries to get one too.

We have dropped allowances and give a penny per gold coin; my middle guy has $40.00 - which is amazing as he was never motivated by allowances or chore charts.

I tagged you on my blog for a photo thing.

Glad to hear your knee has fully recovered.

Perpetual Beginner said...

I'm glad it's working so well for you. My boys are finding the money aspect particularly motivating. They just pooled their funds the other day to buy a Wii game, and are already scrambling to earn enough to get another.

Anonymous said...

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