Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back into Writing Mode

OK - I've been staggering on through this month, barely managing the minimum writing I can get away with. I've been posting about an article a week on Damn Interesting - which is supposed to be two, and I'm putting just enough review time on Rate Your Writing (which is back - yahoo!) to keep my account in the Cool - Tepid range. That's pretty minimal - maybe five or six hours a week, including reading/research time?

Screw that. I've got a book to edit and two books to finish, an article count to catch up on, and waay more stuff banging around in my head I want to get down on paper. Time to buckle down and write. I'm aiming for at least 500 words a day, bare minimum (about the length of a DI article). Tomorrow's goal - an article on motorcycle airbags for DI, and some more work on the George/Horse scene for Oddballs.

In other news, Dad's run-in with heart surgery seems to be working wonders for my diet. I've been about 3/4 vegetarian for the last week and a half (meat only when eating meals with unavoidable meat with my family), and seem to have consequently dropped two pounds in that same time-period. We'll see if it's made any difference in my cholesterol. Well actually we'll see if that, plus the fat-lowering efforts of the months previous have made any difference. I hope so, since my starting cholesterol of last October was 252 - forty points higher than my father's, not a comforting thought.

Reading: The China Study (recommended), Fallen Dragon (not sure yet)

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