Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Birthday Month

I haven't posted in a long while - for which I apologize. It's been a fairly strange month.

First off, Robbie is fine now. He was sick for about a week, drove two different doctors mad trying to figure out what was wrong, and then simply got better. We were on tenter-hooks for several days, not trusting that he really was better, but it (whatever it was) never did return. No complaints, but I do wish we knew what it was, so we'd know if it was likely to happen again or not.

My dad is recovering from triple-bypass surgery right now. About a week ago he had mild chest pains; wandered over to his doctor for a stress EKG; had an angiogram after the EKG came out marginal; and was then admitted for a bypass with his doctor refusing to let him go home without surgery. It beats all heck out of finding out about his clogged arteries via a heart attack, but it was still pretty shocking to the system. Fortunately he's weathered the surgery well so far, and is home driving Mom crazy and wanting to do too much too soon.

S is now up for surgery as well. It was originally scheduled for the 27th, but he moved it back into May. Somehow he didn't think this was the right moment (gee, wonder why?). In his case it's sinus surgery, uncomfortable, but not major. His symptoms are being controlled with steroids right now, so he can hang on for a few more weeks without much problem. The surgery is more because he doesn't want to be on steroids forever.

The socks are done, and I'll be more than happy to stuff them in the mail to Mom, and never see them again.

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Becky said...

I'm glad to hear everything has come out ok.