Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ahh Life!

Recovery is in sight. No one is throwing up any more. Q (my youngest), is no longer running a fever. Mommy is caught up on sleep - a rare and handy phenomena.

Went to my local knit group this weekend and had a great time. Worked on a blanket for a friend, and a sock for myself, having finally finished the socks for Sensei. Debating what to do for projects as these two finish up. Passed my last copy of MD to a lady in the knitgroup for critiquing. I need to get cracking on finishing TT (book#2) so I can get back to the alpha edit of MD.

One of our students in karate has a big problem, and doesn't even realize it, poor kid. He is soooo slow to learn things it just hurts to watch him. I can't tell if he's got a significant learning disability, an attention problem, or is just not all there, but it takes him 30+ repetitions to learn ANYTHING. It's actively painful to teach him because it all has to be broken down so small, and repeated so many times to get through. He's a sweet kid, and I hope he sticks with Isshin-ryu because I think it will help him in the end, but I also hope he remains oblivious to how much faster every other child in the place is progressing in comparison. I've taken the matter up with a couple of outside Sensei's I know, trying to find some ways to help him learn better. Wish me luck.

Christmas Party at my house this weekend. I need to clean! I hate to clean! Kitchen, family room, living room, dining room, basement, all need to be gone over thoroughly. The upstairs can wait just now. I should also put up some decorations, and I need to make snacks on Friday and/or Saturday. Maybe some stollen? Christmas cookies? I'm not sure. S is going to make sushi (the cooked kind), and our guests should be bringing some food as well. For drinks we'll just have mulled cider, egg nog and some sodas available.

And I should go to bed before live starts seeming too overwhelming. Night!

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