Thursday, December 29, 2005

I Look Good!

Christmas is over, though the Holidays continue (something I could never understand about the whole Happy Holidays hoop-la - doesn't Christmas plus New Year's equal two holidays, even if you're Christian?)

I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas - everyone donated to the clothing fund. Mom even took me shopping for a day. Considering that S, who ignores clothes as anything but covering to prevent arrests for indecent exposure, was complaining about the state of my clothes, I was past due for an overhaul.

So Mom and I took about six hours, hit four stores, spent about $600, and bought me a whole new wardrobe! I actually look like I'm wearing things on purpose, instead of whatever was on top of the laundry. The total haul includes one suit, two good skirts, three pair slacks, seven or eight shirts, and one pair of shoes. I could still use one or two more pairs of shoes, and a blouse to go with the suit, which is an odd shade of taupe that doesn't quite go with anything I have currently. It's also the first time I've been shopping since having a color palette done, which was interesting. I ended up with a lot of things in brown and green, neither of which are colors I've worn much before, but both of which definately look good on me.

I gave Mom a gift certificate to the local yarn store, and a promise to knit up whatever she chooses. Her first choice was a University of Chicago scarf: maroon with a white 'C' and stripe, which is about half done. She still has about 2/3 of her gift certificate to spend though.

Dad got whisky and toffee. We told him we liked him fat and drunk!

S got a load of books, which he was polite about. Only one of them was something he actually wanted. I gave him a large cutting board, which went over well, and plates, which didn't. Ah well, at least I got it half right.

The boys, as always, got a haul. I will never get over how different Christmas's are in S's family than in mine. They've been playing Pokemon XT non-stop since, with brief breaks to set up their new alarm system in new places, so they can then giggle like mad when one of the adults sets it off.

I'll post about other topics soon - but I hope everyone else is having a good season.

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