Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Price of Pride pain.

I had karate class last night, and for the first time Sensei asked me to lead the exercises "with an emphasis on ab work".

The good part is that everybody got a good workout, well warmed up and stretched, and I was able to choose exercises that wouldn't irritate my already inflamed Achille's tendon. The other good part is that I was able to put together a workout that everyone could do, but that had even our senior student making faces and groaning at the last few reps.

The bad part is that I am SORE today - top to toe. I had to have my husband bring me an Aleve in bed because I couldn't sit up without whimpering. That's what I get for gearing my workout to a man who is both younger and fitter than I am.

But a little part of me is still damn proud that I could do it at all. Not bad for an overweight mama.


Becky said...

Good job on the workout. Sensei had us working especially hard, too. The heat is out in the dojo, and he says we need to warm the builing up for him. Speaking of sore, I am learning kusanku kata, and sometimes my legs feel like lead!

PerpetualBeginner said...

Thank, Becky! I'm pretty proud of myself, especially now, a week later, when I can move again.

I just finished learning Naihanchi. Now if I can talk someone into starting me on Wansu before my next belt test...